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There's a Place for Us

It feels like there is so much change going on at the moment.

I am planning on traveling for a bit this summer, but my plan had been to stay in my current place until then.

My roommate has decided that she wants to move in with her boyfriend, so rather than having to deal with a new roommate and being locked into a lease while I am traveling, I decided to give notice with her.

That means - I need to find a new place to stay for 3 months.

I'm checking out a few places over the next couple of days so I know it will be good - but I'm currently not entirely sure where to call home.

Items I have learned today:

The Loo: The Toilet - it's also called "the ladies"

Screaming Bloody Murder: Getting really upset/throwing a temper tantrum

People do not shorten their names over here: I got a TON of crap at work for calling a "Michael" - "Mike"

I have now switched into consultancy mode. (that's my back just FYI - I'm running low on MBA pics).

What I've realised?

I have absolutely no desire to ever become a consultant.

Although - I must say the idea of living in the Middle East for a minute and working for McKinsey does sound incredibly fascinating, I just don't know if I have it in me.

Consultancy is a lot of work! Especially for some one who has zero interest in sales.

Figuring our a problem? Bringing a project together? Translating strategic vision into long term plan? Sure. BUT. within limits.

The ironic part is I wouldn't be all that surprised if I did end up consulting after I finish my MBA. We shall see though, the priority for the moment is trying to get this book that I have written into a good space (someday, somewhere, someway).

So the hunt for a new home continues, and I have taken off my research hat to put on my consultancy one.

Pray for me.



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