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U.Lab: What is Ending and Emerging With In?

Updated: May 21, 2023

As one of the opening exercises for U.Lab (which if you are curious about what U.Lab is you can find out more in this blog post) Otto Scharmer asks us to start with a reflective journaling process. I recorded a quick video and have shared my reflections below

Where do I experience a world that is ending and dying?

I see and sense this on a very grand scale, with society as we know it. The structures that we have in place (business, healthcare, financial, etc...) that can no longer sustain us, that we are waking up to the corruption within, which is angering the collective more and more every single day. 

I feel it in terms of everything that isn't formed in unity (in seeing myself within whatever context that my attention is being directed towards) is falling away, everything that is based on separation is falling away.

Where do I experience a world that is wanting to be born?

I see this amidst the ashes of the deconstruction, I sense a society that is longing to arrive, longing to rise up where we see ourselves in the other, where we are united in the ashes to the flame, where we become the phoenix together to re-imagine, re-shape and rebuilt society and the planet as we know it.

Where have I experienced moments of disruption? How do I notice my inner response?

Most recently it was a rushed 48 hours to leave the country and move from London back home to Seattle (not planned in advance-  I wrote about this experience here:)

But I'm also experiencing it present moment as I've recently relocated again and am still actively working through: What's mine to do next. Where am I meant to live? Where am I meant to work? What am I specifically meant to do?  I have a vision, but none of the actualities/details of what's next for me is clear in my present moment.

What I have been grateful for though is my level of observation/awareness of my inner response. I have been observing without attachment or judgment. For example, when I am fearful or scared, I hold the Little Maria. I also have this deep sense of knowing (which I am truly grateful for) that even if I feel like I'm wobbly/shaky ground, I have faith even in the uncertainty, the unknown and the uncomfortable that this is all for my/our highest good.

How do the ecological, social-economic, and spiritual divides show up in my personal experience?

Ecological: I experience this through the personal products that I use and my desire to lower my own ecological footprint. One of the things I do notice though is my personal sense of overwhelm about how many more things I could and "should" be doing. 

Social-Economic: Similar to the ecological, this shows up for me primarily in a heartfelt desire to want to help, but still working on finding a healthy balance of not being overwhelmed. It can be very easy for me to get overwhelmed at what I view as the weight of the responsibility and not feeling like I can affect change.

Spiritual: This is where my heart truly lays with wanting to show up and share myself and my own journey with the genuine desire/hope that through the act of being vulnerable enough to do so it facilitates the pathway for others connecting into their Authentic Sense of Self.

As always, more to come! ❤️

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