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Week Three: The Return to Granada

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

So this whole trip has been inspired by setting foot inside the Alhambra. I have just been slowly weaving my way there.

I've been so grateful for the connections that I have made through out the trip, examples being:

-Henry and Tasha - who I met at a hostel in Seville and just randomly happened to be in Cordoba on my first day there so we could explore the city together

-Brooke - who ended up being my roommate in Cordoba, where we saw the horses dance.And I have now been reunited with in two other cities (Cadiz to explore the beaches and now Granada to celebrate her birthday)

And of course, Lauren, who I met on my very first trek/pilgrimage in Ireland a year ago, who continues to inspire me on a regular basis.

Last night, Brooke, Lauren and I got to experience the full moon while on the rooftop of our Air BNB over looking the Alhambra in all of its beauty.

It was a pretty magical evening of intentions and release and just great conversation. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have experienced it with them.

And now? Well now I have the week here and I need to make the conscious effort to slow down, to not constantly feel the need to plan the next activity and really just be and soak up all the magic that is around me.

Tomorrow we visit the Alhambra and go to a Flamenco show in the gardens. I literally can't wait.

The rest of the week? I'm not sure yet. It's pushing me to just be OK with just being, just relaxing and just allowing the universe to weave in whatever is supposed to. As much as I want to have a plan, I know I need to let that go. Just trust and go... and see whatever might come to be.

Really truly grateful for this time.

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I'll love you forever... well I will probably do that anyway but still <3


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