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Writing Our Story: Chapter One Reflections

Updated: May 21, 2023

So we've launched the first of the group journey's on We Are Just Us.

This week we began to write our story, focusing in on

🦚The Power of Intention 🦚The Power of Commitment 🦚The Power of Acceptance 🦚The Power of Creativity 🦚The Power of the Pause 🦚The Power of Gratitude And of course, some Rest & Reflection.

It's been such a powerful practice coming into the new year. In 2021, with ALL of the craziness of the world around us, how do we come to realize and know that we are that Super Hero we have been longing and waiting for?

I spent some time this morning reflecting on what has surfaced within me while moving through Chapter One of this particular Journey

Chapter One Reflections

You know what I've noticed within myself? My growing compassion of myself, even though I feel very unsettled in my current moment.

I have stumbled so many times this week, trying to plan for and control things that I can't, feeling defeated because something wasn't living up to my unrealistic expectations, feeling defeated through the act of comparison.

You know this morning I even woke up envisioning myself as a broke and destitute old woman (nope, not kidding, it really did happen), and then I smiled and held myself and can back to the present moment (another key lesson for me this week as served up through the gratitude walk).

It's like I keep thinking that because it's a new year and this is a new space that I'm suddenly going to be perfect, BUT part of being a Super Hero means fully embracing and accepting my flaws. Catching myself when Elektra (that's what I named my inner controller) Or Bianca (my inner perfectionist) show up and just continually forgiving myself, holding myself in compassion and coming back to now.

The other thing I've noticed is my hope that this journey makes an impact. Is it making a difference? Are people actually doing it? That is a thought that circulates often. After a conversation with Marva this week I realized that is another thing that Elektra and I need to let go of, not attaching our worth to whether or not someone does or does not participate in this journey. It was formed with such beautiful intention, and it is and will continue to be a really powerful journey, but as to what others receive from it? That's not up to me.

Still sorting through all of this, but grateful to have this space to show up and share... So for Chapter One I've identified that the Super Hero is Me and that journey involves working with Elektra and Bianca to truly surrender, trust and just be.

Podcast on this can be found here:

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