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A Weekend in Avalon (Glastonbury)

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

I have been in London for just over 18 months, yet when people ask me how it is, my typical response is "Well, my apartment is absolutely fantastic!"

I moved over here in August 2017 to start an MBA program, and my life has literally been work/school followed by school/work. You can also throw in writing my first novel for fun there as well (any literary agents out there want to help with publication? :) kidding, well, not really)

With Easter weekend, there was a break with both work and school, and I decided to take advantage of it by heading to an area of England called Glastonbury. While there is a huge music festival there once a year, I headed to Glastonbury for other reasons. I went for a sacred retreat lead by Steve Nobel ( and Catherine Bjorksten ( we spent time in meditation, in groups, on the lay lines, visiting the Tor, spending time at the Chalice Wells, connecting with the Earth and so much more. There were moments that are incredibly hard to put into words.

Greeting the Yew Tree at the Chalice Wells
Greeting the Yew Tree at the Chalice Wells

Glastonbury was beautiful, spending time with like-minded individuals was incredible, and truly slowly down to listen to myself and follow my own guidance was needed.

I learned so much about myself in the three days at Glastonbury. I became a little bit more clear about what's next for me Post MBA - like for example, this burning desire I seem to have to get my writing out into the world and to get a separate project that goes hand in hand with it up and running as well. I made some incredible connections, and came away believing a little bit more deeply in who I am, what I have to give, and how I want to serve.

Chalice Wells
Chalice Wells

The Tor
The Tor

I was so grateful for this space, to take some time out of my chaotic daily life to just slow down, breathe and be.

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I'll love you forever... well I will probably do that anyway but still <3


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