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Dendera: Temple of Hathor and the Cosmos

Updated: Mar 8

Another early morning rise brought us to Dendera: The Temple of Hathor.

"We are lucky, we have the place to ourselves, we are the first!" Safaa, our Egyptologist said upon arrival. But, we all knew that luck didn't have anything to do with it.

"I need to learn more about Hathor, I don't really know much about her" I said to Kathianne, the Spiritual Director of CSL as we walked in. She just smiled.

I mentioned previously that I felt a powerful connection to Sekhmet (one that actually intensified once we got to Karnak temple). Well, Hathor and Sekhmet are said to be two elements of the same Goddess. So, I really did know Hathor already... I just wasn't very conscious of it.

Hathor is the Goddess of Love, Abundance and Joy, she is also said to be associated with the primordial Goddess through which the others emerged - Sky, Moon, Heavens, Mother - all in one. What I loved about this particular temple was the zodiacal detail. It really felt like a link between the earth, moon, sun and Cosmos. The ships pictured below presented the Ancient Egyptians Gods and the constellations they are tied to. It is so well preserved. I felt like I understood a glimpse/fraction of what it would have been back in the day.

It was absolutely beautiful, and I personally loved the tie in to the stars and the Cosmos, but then again, I am incredibly fascinated by all of those things

The astrological wheel, I now have a papyrus version of this at home on my "bedroom wall" (I say that as I live in a studio where all rooms are within one) in London.

Up Next: Spending time with Sekhmet.


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