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Our Arrival in Luxor

Updated: Mar 8

A few Christmas's ago, I told my mother that I was going to treat us "like Queens" and booked us into the Luxor Hotel.... in Las Vegas. Not quite the same experience as Egypt, but I was reminded yet again that I felt a powerful connection to the place.

Our 5 days on the Dahabeya Afandina ended with our arrival in Luxor, and a brief (actually not all that brief) exchange with the merchants via their boats while passing through the Esna Lock. I can literally say that I purchased my one and only galabeya on the Nile (the transaction was done on the waters from our boat to theirs).

We arrived at Luxor Temple for an evening visit. I had gotten used to having the temples to ourselves, Luxor was the opposite. It was crowded! Arriving at sunset, with Saturn to greet us all on arrival was pretty magical however, even amongst the throngs of hundreds of other tourists.

While Rameses II made sure that his mark was left on the place (and his face.. in numerous places), it is only religious monument in the world that includes "Pharonic, Macedonian, Ptolemaic, Roman, Christian and Islamic constructions"

We heard the the sunset call to prayer while there, I loved this. That's a general theme though with my time in Egypt, there wasn't much that I didn't love or didn't remind me of something from the distant past.

Saturn is the bright white light in the middle pictured above <3

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