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On to the Next One...

So my Consultancy piece for my MBA is coming to a close.

While I loved my team for this particular assignment, there were a number of challenges that went into getting to a final Consultancy Paper and Project Management plan. Consultancy is a very specific skill set. It requires not only clarifying the vision, but also ensuring alignment across multiple parties: clients, the internal team, external stakeholders, the academic team at school, the list goes on. You aren't just completing an assignment for you, you have to make sure that it meets everyones needs, expectations and requirements, which is not always an easy task. BUT, it is now complete.

But first... Items I have learned today:

Full stop: I knew this before, but the British do not use the word "period." I was informed that over here... it's only something that comes once a month for females. I found myself saying things like: "but we haven't considered that.. period, um... I mean full stop"

Good shout: Good call

Running around like a "blue-arsed fly": self explanatory, but I'd never been exposed to that beautiful phrase before... so... you're welcome.

There's a lot going on at the moment. While consultancy is coming to a close, I still need to write my final reflection paper for that particular module, and finalise my reflection paper and portfolio for Board Mindset. As you may or may have not noticed, I really do enjoy reflection, but it takes time to really be able to sort through and make sense of everything.

In addition, I also need to confirm 100% were I am living next. I will be moving at the beginning of May. And while I know what I want, and I have a place in mind, all details still need to be wrapped up.

But I'm getting there, one step and breathe at a time. As Jay-Z has previously said... it's on to the next one.


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