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One Giant Leap for Maria

Lots of change in the present moment.

I have recently moved, I have decided to take an extended holiday this summer (exact location TBD but most likely South of Spain and Portugal) and my first Board experience for my MBA program has been released, where I will be acting as the CEO.

Items I have learned Today

Plaster: Band-Aid

OAP: Old Age Pensioner

Joggers: Sweat pants

Southwark Cathedral
Southwark Cathedral

For those of you that remember, I am part of a Director's MBA at the University of Westmister. Which means that over the course of the next two years I will have served on the board (in a shadow capacity) for four different types of organizations:

-Not for Profit




In four different roles



-HR and Operations Director

-Marketing Director

Our Corporate Assignment was released last week. Our client is the Catering Services Supplier for Eurostar. Our MBA Faculty have always said that they would match us to roles they felt we were more comfortable in for our first experience. So that's a testiment to what they see in me. Even though I might be freaking out a little bit about having to start off as the CEO, I'm kind of honoured that the team views that as a strength for me. A role I could more easily step into. I guess they see something in me that I need to work on cultivating a bit more deeply myself.

So yes, I am a bit nervous. But as my mentor at school said a few weeks ago, I should re-frame it. So, I am excited. And actually, in all honesty I am. I am excited to take this leap and these initial steps into the future that I ultimately want to have.


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