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Reflections on 2019

As I am closing out the year in Prague with one of my best friends, I have found myself wanting to spend some time reflecting on everything that 2019 has offered to me.

Highlights have been:

1. I completed and graduated from my MBA Program. This was actually a really big feat for me. There were moments within the program where I really tested my limits, late nights trying to master the world of financial projections for one. But there were also moments that enabled me to more deeply discover who I am and believe in myself in a leadership capacity in levels I hadn't experienced before. I will forever be grateful for that.

2. I spent the summer in Seattle. The company that I just recently left flew me to Seattle over the summer to cover a maternity leave. It was really nice for me to be back home with friends and family to work on my final dissertation for school and complete 30 days of Authenticity. It was also great from a work perspective to experience the US ways of working and the US team.

3. I wrote my first novel. I am working on the final edits and revision to it now, with the plan to have it published and launched with 30 days of Authenticity in August 2020, but I wrote it! It still makes me smile when I think about it.

4. I developed my first course for Intention Inspired: 30 days of Authenticity. It was actually the development of this course that helped me to work through some of the moments where I was literally considering asking to defer my MBA program and quit my job.

5. I got to travel to Egypt for a Spiritual Retreat and Taiwan for an International Board Experience.

both trips were amazing and I truly hope that they are the start of similar ones in 2020, international travel for both business and pleasure.

6. I've quit my corporate job and took a massive leap of faith. I actually haven't done what I am doing now. I've taken risks before, sure, but I have never really left the security of a comfy paycheck behind to really pursue the things that I am passionate about.

7. I've allowed myself to be seen. This has shown up through my writing and through my relationships. The last year has really been the first time in my life that I have truly opened up to others and allowed them in.

8. I've learned to listen to my heart. I know that sounds cliche, but in my case, it's really true. It has really become the guiding force in my life lately.

There were also some moments that really challenged me this year personally as well, but they also reminded me of my resilence and of my true nature, I just had to get to a space of working through them.

When I reflect back, 2019 has been a pretty transformative year with some really significant personal shifts. It makes me all the more excited for what 2020 has in store for me, namely the launch of the new community-based platform for Intention Inspired (more to come there shortly), the publication of my first book, worldwide travel, personal development, laughter and love <3

Grateful for all of the lessons and development of 2019, but more than ready to jump into what's to come.



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