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Trusting that Voice Within

Updated: May 19, 2018

Remember that paper I was freaking out about months ago?

Probably not.

Well.... I was (freaking out that is). I had to turn in an "Action Research Proposal" that will help inform one of modules for my MBA program next year called "Space for Risk." I was worried because I was associating that paper with sorting out the rest of my life. What I have realised from the course of finding out about that paper, and now having turned it in... is that I don't need to have the rest of my life completely figured out. I just need to figure out my what's next, what's my most immediate next step to get me to where I want to be. Then I need to just release everything else and just trust in the process? Sounds simple right? (insert grin here...)

That paper is now complete. I wrote about plan to dive into who I am. My aim is to be able to consciously identify the source of what makes me.... me. Paper is done, the journey however is just getting started.

Items I have learned today:

Chuffed: Pleased/Happy

Can I help?: Used in place of "How may I help you?"

Bang on: Right on, exact - "That's bang on"

Also - if you happen to form a consultancy group because you are in an MBA program. Don't mention that you are American and don't understand their references to television shows that they grew up on. Unless of course you want to be subjected to 15 minutes of youtube clips of Alan Partridge... which they will all find HILARIOUS... and you will not.

Image Credit: Shaw Academy

Time has seemed to be getting a little bit easier for me to manage recently. I don't know if its because I am more intune and connected, or I have just gotten way more efficient or what?

But what would previously take me hours and hours to figure out and organize, is taking me half the time. I'm finding myself accomplishing things that I didn't even mean to.

I'm finding that I have time to breathe and sit and just be.

Maybe that's what making the difference? I'm making sure that I'm giving myself opportunities to slow down, pause, connect and just be, and because of that everything else is just somewhat flowing together?

It's been nice though. I still get stressed, don't get me wrong, and I dream of the days when I will actually have a chance to really see and experience London, but I'm also learning to slow down and listen and trust that silent yet loving and guiding voice within.


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