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What's My Intention? To Trust the Process

Updated: Feb 16

In addition to getting adjusted to life in the country, I am also about to dive into two leadership based programs.

The first is the Inner MBA - a partnership with SoundsTrue, LinkedIn, Wisdom 2.0, Mindful NYU, and others designed to "look within, go beyond."

The second is U.Lab - a program by the Presencing Institute to Lead from the Emergent Future. I am particularly excited about this as Theory U (the model/framework this program is based on) was what I used during my MBA program to birth and create 30 Days of Authenticity. I am already incredibly passionate about having self-guided myself, so I can't wait to explore it collectively and lead by the very people that developed it in the first place, particularly C.Otto Scharmer (who I love, but have not had the chance to connect with directly, yet).

Both programs have asked the participants why are we here? What are our intentions? As I will be diving deep to document my journey within U.Lab quite publicly (more to come here as this blog will be one of the spaces I will be leveraging), I wanted to take a second and slow down and share.

So What is My Intention?

My Intention is to learn, be grounded in, and confidently move into Authentic Heartfelt Leadership as I move into the creation and birth of my own company. My intention is to truly show up, dive in, let go, and let come my highest emergent possibility. What's does that mean in layman's terms? It means that my intention is to be fully present, led from, guided by and listening to my heart, open and trusting of myself and others, and tapping into my highest emergent potential as if it's here now (Ok, so that's kind of layman's terms).

I want to use this time and space to fully crystallize the launch of my own company. I want to fully be present and open to learning, growing, evolving, and expanding from all of the amazing individuals that I am finding myself surrounded by. I want to use this time to prototype and co-create a space that serves the greater whole; what I am calling "the evolution from me to we."

It's strange because I am feeling so many different emotions at once. A sense of being unsettled and ungrounded as I surrender to the process, but also at the base of it is this deep sense of trust. Despite all of the uncertainty, I have this deep inner knowing that I am held and supported, in levels WAY beyond my conscious understanding and processing. And that innate knowing, that deep sense that I am not alone, and I am infinitely supported (and so are you), allows me to just relax. Relax into the chaos, relax into the uncertainty, relax into "darkness," and truly for the first time in my life "trust the process."

I have had this re-occurring mantra for the last 2 or 3 years to "Hold the Vision, Trust the Process" and while I have gotten pretty good at holding the vision... if I was to really and truly define my intention with both the Inner MBA and U.Lab into one bottom line it would be to "Trust the Process."

WAY more to come here. If there is one thing that you can be sure of is that I will keep you all posted as it unfolds 😂 😇❤️

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